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As a help for the definition this function can be selected from the menu entry Format/Functions (or with the right mouse button on the cell).

With the use of these functions, the archive entries read-in are not shown in the report. On saving, the archive entries are overwritten with values and stati existing at other places (e.g. calculated).

On entering the status texts (independent of whether the statuses are input fixed or read-in from another cell) the defined short texts from the "ZENON.INI" file or from the internal system default configuration must be given. With several statuses they must be separated by ",".

The calculated values are updated regardless of whether the newly calculated value has changed in comparison to the read-in value. The status is changed to "Hand value".

The configuring is not done via the input help but directly in the cell.


Start-cell values

Starting cell, relative to which the calculated values lie.
Status text input Input of a fixed status text (e.g. MVALUE) or the starting cell from which the status text should be taken.

Syntax: =archivespw(Archive variable,contents,direction,P1,P2,P3,Start line values,Status text)