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As a help for the definition this function can be selected from the menu entry Format/Functions (or with the right mouse button on the cell).

Value, Status or time of the archive entry can be read. Unlike the function "archive" no manual presettings can be set on the cels. These functions are employed, for example, if an entry in a log must be shown several times and may only be edited at one place. All entries of the time range of the log are shown in the log going downwards or rightwards from cell in which the function was given (see also: Function archivesp).


Archive variable

Archive variable number


"value", "state" "time" or"count"


"right" or "bottom"


Number of archive values to be output in the first row (only for archivespr)


Number of blank cells between two value outputs (only for archivespr)


Blank cells to next value row (only for archivespr)

Syntax: =archivespr(Archive variable,contents,direction,P1,P2,P3)

Example Example