Create an on/off switching point

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The functionality on/off switching points allows to set a binary variable to 0 resp. to 1 for a defined period of time.

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At the begin of such a switching plan the variable is set to TRUE and at the end it is set to FALSE. If you want it the other way round, you first create the switching point and then open its menu with a doubleclick. Here you can set the values by hand (edit, set active or inactive or change the time).

In the Editor you can do this with the right mouse button, in the Runtime there is a special MDI function.

A new switching point can be created with the context menu.

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Only binary variables can be selected.

The start and end time can be entered.

Example Example

If a user only needs a single time (only one switching point), the end time has to be set to the start time resp. the duration has to be 00:00:00. Then variables/functions can be defined for only one point of time.