Restrictions and requirements of the straton RTK

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Hardware requirements for the straton RTK


The hardware (PC or IPC) and the operating system (Windows® XP, XPe or Vista) must support ACPI:

You can check whether your PC supports ACPI in the system control (system/device manager/computer).


The straton RTK is supported from the following processor generations on:


The straton Real Time Kernel (RTK) runs as a separate process on the hardware level independent of the operating system. The straton Runtime runs on Windows®. The real-time-enabled straton RTK has a few restrictions compared to the straton Runtime.

Function blocks:

The following funciton blocks are not processed directly in the Kernel Mode, but only emulated:

Following function blocks are not supported by the straton RTK:

info Info

In order to determine exactly which function blocks the straton standard library supports, use the feature of the configuration of the >CA_PRODUCTNAME< Workbench (main menu: Project/Configuration/Upload).

After you have selected the configuration, the function blocks which are not supported are marked red in the library.

I/O Driver

The following straton I/O drivers are executed by the straton RTK in Kernel Mode (real time):

You can find more information about supported I/O drivers here: straton I/O driver support

Register and de-register real time drivers

There is a small chance that the real time driver of the straton RTK must be registered and de-registered manually. In order to do this start the command prompt via:
Start > execute > cmd.

Use the following syntax:

<Directory of the straton RTK>:\ stratonrtkvm -regsrv

<Directory of the straton RTK>:\ stratonrtkvm -unregsrv

Example of the <directory of the straton RTK>: C:\Program Files\COPA-DATA\zenOn 6.21