RTK hardware configuration

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A seperate reserved storage area is needed for the communictation with the I/O drivers (e.g. Profibus) which are executed in the kernel mode. straton RTK and the I/O driver system agree on an area on which both have read and write access.

The configuration offers three settings:



Generally prohibit access to the physical memory.

Free access memory areas are a saftey risk with regards to malware. Thus access to the physical memory is prohibited in the shipping state. Basic setting.

Generally allow access to the physical memory.

Allows the communication to use the whole memory, straton RTK und Profibus set their communication areas randomly. Unsafe setting which is not recommended.

Allow access to a defined physical memory area.

. straton RTK and I/O driver have a strictley allocated memory area. Recommended setting

Define memory area

In order to allocate a fixed memory area for straton and I/O driver, click on Access to the physical memory in the left window and then on Allow access to defined physical memory area in the right selection window.




The number is assigned by the configurator automatically.

Basic address

Start address for the free memory. It can for example be determined with the help of the Hilscher Tool (included in the delivery of the card).


Length of the free area.
Attention: must be stated in Bytes.


Creates a new entry in the list.


Deletes an existing entry from the list.