Using zenon variables in straton

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It is very easy to further process variables from PLC systems such as e.g. Siemens S7 or Beckhoff TwinCAT in >CA_PRODUCTNAME<, variables which were read in by the according zenon drivers in zenon.

One possibility to realize this functionality is the allocations (see Allocations). The variable from the PLC (e.g. S7 ) is linked to a straton variable with an allocation. In this case only a unidirectional communication is possible.

PLC variables (e.g. from a S7) can be exchanged between zenon and straton via a shared memory connection bidirectionally (!), easier and quicker . In the properties of the PLC variable the flag Externally visible has to be set to make the variable available in the straton Workbench.

As soon as this flag is set, the variable is displayed in the variable list of the straton Workbench.

Such a variable is especially marked in straton, as it cannot be changed in straton. Changing the variable here would lead to problems, as the source of the variable is the PLC programming environment in the external PLC (e.g. S7).

attention Attention

Be careful with the variable name! The name of the variable from an external PLC has to be IEC 61131-3 compatible. Also see Variable names.

In <CA_PRODUCTNAME< a so-called I/O driver - shared memory driver - must be loaded in order to make the communication for such variable possible in the Runtime.

In order to do this open the fieldbus configuration in the straton Workbench with File -> Open... -> Fieldbus configuration.

The following dialog opens with the menu Insert -> Insert configuration...:

Here select the configuration straton to zenon-RT connection. So this configuration is inserted in the tree of the fieldbus configuration:

Now it is guaranteed that the externally visible variables from zenon communicate with straton.

info Info

Please be aware, that such a connection only works locally on a PC or a CE device. Here it is not possible to communicate with a straton Runtime on another device.