Inserting own symbols into the library

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A symbol can be created after selected one or more elements and activating the command Edit/Symbol/Create (or clicking the appropriate icon).

Under "Object-name" the name of the symbol as it should appear in the library must be entered.

Now the new symbol can be allocated to a symbol library by choosing menu item 'Symbol/Add to symbol library...' in the context menu.

If you select an element that is already assigned to a symbol this assignement can be resolved with the menu item "Edit/Symbol/Resolve" or the corresponding icon. The symbol is deleted in the symbol management.

With the button "Edit symbols/elements" you can edit single elements without having to resolve their assignement to the symbol.

attention Attention

Handling of bitmaps and fonts in symbols for project overlapping use:

Bitmaps: Bitmaps assigned to a symbol are not saved with the symbol. The concerned bitmaps have to be copied to the bitmap path of the new project by hand.

Fonts: In a new project the font with the same font number within the project is assigned to the element.