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Symbols are picture elements to which vector and dynamic elements can be assigned (picture macros). The colour attribute of a symbol can be changed by means of dynamic elements (binary element, multi-binary element and combi element) in online operation. You will find pre-defined symbols in the symbol library.

zenon distinguishes between two symbol libraries:

Global system library

Symbols accessible from all projects; saved in the zenon program directory. The section 'global symbol library' is located in the project manager below the currently loaded projects.

Project library

Symbols accessible only from the current project; saved in the project directory The project library is in the current project below the section 'Pictures' and is also saved in a project backup.

In order to be able to work with both libraries parallel, the previews of the global library and the project library are displayed in two separate windows. The window title shows you with which library you are dealing. Symbols can be moved or copied from one library into the other with Drag&Drop. In this way symbols for the project library can be taken over to the global library an vice versa.

Checking linked symbols

Linked symbols are checked if they are correctly present:

Missing symbols are marked red in the output window. The error message shows the name of the regarding pictures and symbols: