Structure data types

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Structure data types are always user-defined data types. In contrast to the simple data types that only allow a flat variable list, they allow to build a structure. This structure can even be nested and so it can become very complex.

If a structure variable is needed, a structure data type has to be created first. A structure consists of a structure name and structure elements. Structure elements can be simple data types or other structures. Structure elements can also be arrays with up to three dimensions.

Example for a structure datatype:

Two structures are displayed in the illustration above.

The structure Controller consists of two elements: Engine speed set and Engine speed actual.

Generally, it is possible to switch between embedded and linked mode at any time. There is a property for this setting.

attention Attention

If an embedded structure element is changed to a linked structure element, all properties defined in the element itself are lost!

The structure Engine consists of the following structure elements: Activity Input, Charging Rate, Voltage, Temperature[3] and Engine Speed Control.