Modifying variables

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The dialog Modify variable is opened if one ore more variables are selected and one of the following properties is selected:


Data type




Driver object type


Array Dim 1 .. Array Dim 3


Array start index


Automatic addressing



Here settings forming a unity are changed for all variables, which have been selected.

Modification, if several variables have been selected:

If the value of the selected property is the same dor all selected variables, it is displayed in the dialog, otherwise the entry stays empty. Empty means, that the setting has not been defined. If a selection has been done, it is no longer possible to make 'no selection'. If this is desired, the dialog has to be closed with Cancel and then reopened (exception: (Exception: checkboxes).

As long as the driver has not been specified, the combobox Driver object type lists all driver object types available for the driver of the selected variable. As soon as a driver is selected, only the driver object types of the specified driver are listed. If a driver from or to a straton driver is changed, the name of the variable is automatically changed and adopted.
With the multiselect of variables checkboxes can have one of three states: on, off and undefined. Fields, which are ot defined, are not changed at the variable. If a field has been specified, it sets the new value for all selected variables.

Check before the modification:

For each variable before modification it is checked, if the resulting settings are allowed.

Example Example

Example for an invalid modification: An array variable and a simple variable have been selected, the array dimension is changed. Error: A simple variable must not be changed to an array variable.

For variables, which cannot be changed to the new settings, an error message is generated. Before the modification these are listed in the dialog 'Error modifying variable', after the modification in the output window of the Editor.