Using keywords in text lists

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Alarm messages from Boolean variables do not provide the reason why an alarm was triggered when dealing with collective messages. Thus reasons for errors can be defined in an own index file (IDX). They are defined in a language table (see chapter Language switch) and allocated to index numbers.

With the help of dynamic limit texts an error message can be linked to a key word from the text list. During the runtime a constant placeholder specifies the name of the text list. It is extended dynamically with the index.

Example Example

Textlist Name = 'Motor error'

Indexvariable = 'myIndex'

Dynamic limit text:

$fixed text; @Motorerror%myIndex

The variable 'myIndex' has the value 4, so for the language switch, the keyword 'Motor error' is extended by this value '@Motorerror4' or '@Motorerror 004' (For the import or the creation of a language table it is important to know whether preceding zeroes are required).

With this keyword, the corresponding text is displayed in the language table during Runtime.

The use of multidimensional text lists is possible.
e.g.: fixed text; @Motorerror%myIndex1-%myIndex2' results in '@Motorerror4-67' during Runtime