License size of the variables (I/Os)

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The suitable size of the license for you depends on the variables, you want to use in your project. For the calculation of the licence size (I/Os) the process and the driver variables of all drivers are used. Internal variables (nternal driver) and process variables of the system, mathematicy and simulation driver are not counted.

The calculation is done as follows:

Data type


1 bit:

1 I/Os

1 byte

8 I/Os

1 word

16 I/Os

1 doubleword

16 I/Os

1 float

16 I/Os

1 string (max. 64 characters)

16 I/Os

If you cannot find the desired data type in the list, it is because of the selected driver. Some drivers have a specific denotation of the data types. You will find more information in the driver documentation of the driver you use. You will find the driver documentation either in the onlie help in the section 'Drivers' or as a PDF file on our CD/DVD or on our website for download.

In the status line of the detail view of the variables the following information can be found:

How many I/Os are used currently.

How many I/Os are licensed.

An example:

3799/550/1: 3799 entries exist, 550 are listed because of a filter, one entry is selected.

For project 22730 an unlimited number of I/Os is licensed.

Example Example

96 binary and 20 numerical values are to be visualized in zenon:

Multiply the 20 numerical values with 16 and thus get 320 I/Os which have to be added to the 96 binary values. As a result you get 416 I/Os, which now are the basis for the license size.