Detailview of the Project Manager

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The detailview of the Project Manager displays a list of all defined objects of the selected folder (variables, pictures, functions, etc.) and their properties.

The detailview displays the properties of the selected entry of the project manager. With a right click on a table header and Field selection not yet displayed columns can be shown or hidden. Formatting and change of column size is possible.

Some objects (e.g. variables, pictures, functions) are displayed as lists in the detailview. In this case further information of total number, currently displayed and number of selected objects is displayed as well.

e.g.: 3 total/2 filtered/2 selected: Three entries exist, because of filtering two are displayed, these two are selected.

For Variables the number of used IOs is displayed. Here it is true: How many bits have already been used, how many IOs are available (depending on licence).

See chapter Licensing.

e.g.: 32/unlimited 32 bits are already used, the number of available variables is unlimited.