Multi-reaction matrices in general

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Multibinary and multianalog reation matrices allow the evaluation of the transmission cause according to norm IEC 60870-5-101/104.

The transmission cause is an additional status and at the moment can only be used with the AK-Server of the company SAT.

The transmission cause consists of:



6 bit:

Identification of the transmission cause as value from 0..63

1 bit:

P/N 0=positive , 1=negative confirmation

1 bit:

test bit (not used at the moment)

In the reaction matrix the identification of the transmission cause + the P/N bit can be assigned to each status.

So the status is only violated, if the received transmission cause is the same as the defined transmission cause.

The checkbox Transmission cause activates the evaluation of the input field Transmission cause.
The input field Transmission cause can have a value between 0..63 (identification of the transmission cause)
The checkbox P/N refers to the P/N bit (possible stati: ignored, in, out, coming, going, changing)

info Info

Status bit NORM and ABNORM are available for both types of multi reaction matrices (not for the standard matrices).