Screen resolution / Monitor administration

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At the moment not all functionalities of the monitor administration are available on the WEB client. So e.g. the functionality Adjust resolution is not executed. So already while creating the project you have to care fro the correct screen resolution.

The WEB client always the screen size defined in the project in the monitor administration on the page General.

It is possible to scale the resolution with a WEB client property. See chapter Configuration of the example page.

With the help of the zoom property the WEB Client can be zoomed to the size of an ActiveX element.

Please be aware, that the browser always needs a certain part of the screen for the menus and the scrollbars. So the area, which is available for the WEB client, is always smaller than the defined monitor resolution. If you want to display the project full screen in the browser, we recommend to set the screen size smaller as the actual one on the WEB client; e.g. monitor resolution on the WEB client PC 1024x768 pixelsl -> screen size in the monitor administration 800x600.

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If you want to use the multi-project administration on the WEB client (several projects simultaneously started), the screen size has to be the same for all projects!

Multi-monitor system:

If you want to use a multi-monitor system in the monitor administration, we recommend to define the standard profile in the way, that all monitors are mapped to the main monitor (see tutorial "Monitor administration" -> configuration computer specific, client). Otherwise the process pictures are opened, like defined in theprofile, on different real monitors. (These then are outside the visible area, you can however scroll to them).

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As a default the profile Standard is always loaded on the WEB client, except when you enter another monitor profile in the zenOn6.ini.