Configuration of the example page

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During the setup also the WEB server is installed: in the folder Config the configuration file Globalvars.js can be opened in the notepad.

In order to adjust this page for your project you have to replace the placeholders in the following way:

Project name

Enter the name of the project. Please be aware, that the project has to run as a server project on the defined Runtime server PC!

Runtime Server Name

Enter the computer name of the Runtime server. The name has to match with the name entered as the server name in the project properties. See also: Project configuration version 5.x and Project configuration version 6.x.
If the project is redundant, only the name of the server must be entered here and not the name of the standby server. The name of the standby server is saved in the project.ini of the project, which the WEB client gets on its first connection to the Runtime server and which it then keeps locally in the cache. This means, that for the first connection to a redundant project the Runtime server has to be online. For each further connection the redundancy concept then will work, i.e. the WEB client first tries to establish a connection to the Runtime server. If it cannot be reached, it automatically connects to the standby server.

Webserver Name

Enter the computer name of the WEB server. (Not the name of the publishing server.)


Enter the name of the function which should be executed when the clients are initialized (started). Take care that the spelling equals the spelling of the function names in zenon (case sensitive).


The value can be 0 or 1. The zoom adjustment is only considered on initializing, not when the Runtime is running.

If a certain size is needed, it has to be defined by the ActiveX control.


Path for the automatic installation

info Info

Please make sure, that the project name and the computer names of the WEB server and the Runtime server are always entered in capitals, for example: PROJECT_1 and PC_WEB.
Additionally the computer names have to be entered without domain suffix: e.g.: PC_WEB, but not PC_WEB.MICROSOFT.COM
As in the entire network of the control system, the name resolution has to work. For more details refer to the chapter Network.

Redundant WEB server (since WEB client 6.01):
If in addition to the zenon Runtime server the WEB server is also redundant, you have to install and license two WEB servers on different computers.
In the variable declaration in the HTML page you have to enter both WEB servers separated by a comma:

Additional parameters:
Via the parameter InitFunction, a startfunction for the webclient can be defined. Instead of 'Init' the name of the desired start function has to be entered in inverted commas. Not the name of the functiontype; but the freely definable name of the function.
The parameters width / height define the size of the ActiveX control (zenon WEB Client) in the browser. Default is 100%:

info Info

If they are set to 105%, the scroll bars of your project are moved to the invisible area of the browser.
The parameters "ScrollV / ScrollH" define, where the browser should scroll on starting the WEB client. The default is 0. You can use this setting if your button bar is at the bottom of the project. Then you can scroll the browser there automatically when starting the project. So the users see the button bar immediately when starting the projects and do not have to scroll there first.

Fpr VB or other connections:
Create: the connection to the Runtime server is started (ActiveX initialized)
GetApplication: Access to the COM objects (VBA interface) of the Runtime.

Start of the WEB client:
By doubleclicking the page init.html you can start and test the WEB client at any time.