Soft licensing

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For soft licensing you first have to get the licence number of the PC, where the WEB server is installed. For this start the program License order under Programs - COPA-DATA.

By clicking the button License order for soft licensing you can generate a license order. Please fill in all fields. The program then generates a licence order form with the licence number valid for your PC. Please send it to COPA-DATA along with your order. You then get a licence form with a serial number and an activation number. The licence number is also on this form and has to match with that of your PC.

In the control panel start the WEB server dialog and on the page Licence enter the serial number and the activation number as stated on the form. By clicking Set New Key the two numbers are saved. You have to restart the WEB server on the page State, so that the licensing gets valid.

Attention: All connected clients will lose the connection. The WEB clients will do an automatic reconnect after a certain timeout.

WEB server – Licensing:

WEB Server stopped:

WEB Server started:

WEB Server Pro started:

Here, the zenOn WEB server runs in demomode with 2 clients. That means that only 2 WEB clients can connect simultaneously to the Runtime server.