Function authorizations for Acknowledging Alarms

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Since zenon version 6.22, the existing function authorizations for acknowledging alarms in the project properties are replaced by three new authorizations. The old function authorization 'Acknowledge alarms' no longer exists.

When converting from existing projects, the new function authorizations are configured according to the old single authorization. For example, if the authorization group 15 used to be necessary for the function authorization 'Acknowledge alarms', it is now also necessary for the three new functions.

For downward compatibility it may be necessary to transfer the authorization group from the three new function authorizations to the old function. The highest authorization group will be used for that. This means, if the function 'Acknowledge alarm via alarm status line' has authorization group 5, 'Acknowledge alarm via pictures' has authorization group 2 and 'Acknowledge alarm via function' has authorization group 12, the function 'Acknowledge alarm' of older versions will receive the authorization group 12.

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Notice regarding online compatibility in the Runtime: If you start a project older than zenon version 6.22 with the current version, the system will offer you the three new functions for configuration. However, only the highest authorization group will be used for processing, according to the mechanism described above. The old project will not be able to use the new functionality.