VBA - Direct variable access via request is no longer possible

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VBA gives our customers a powerful tool for project design. Practical experience has shown that access on variables via VBA often leads to mix-ups in the use of the methods "Advise" via an online container and "Request" with direct call. Too many requests can slow down communication significantly.

We have therefore decided to meet the demands of our customers by closing this error source. From now on, variables can only be addressed via "Advise" in VBA.

For existing projects, this leads to certain incompatibilities. You will not be affected if you address variables via "Request" in VBA. In this case you will have to change these projects. After making these adjustments you will profit from an increased communication performance.


Direct VBA read access on variables is only possible if the variable has been registered in the driver (advised) and if it has a value, i.e. if IsOnline() is true . Simple spontaneous queries (requests) are no longer possible.

The following functions of the "Variable" object return an error if this is not the case:

This means that existing projects will no longer run in the Runtime after the conversion, as the functions mentioned above will fail.

Possible solutions:

attention Attention

Limited compatibility!

After a project conversion to the current version, please check whether there is direct access on variables in any Runtime VBA macro. If this is the case, you must perform the measures mentioned above!