Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.x
  • Vijeocitect v7.x

I have read KB article Q4927, but I am unsure how to configure my alarm log devices. I have 2 alarm servers running on same machine in 2 different clusters and I have alarms defined in both clusters belonging to Alarm Category 1. See screenshots below:

As explained in KB artcile Q5302, alarm category are not specific to a cluster and it must be unique in the project.

What should I use in my alarm category form, to make sure that both alarms will be logged correctly in multi-process mode?

 - Create 2 alarm log devices (One for each cluster) as following:

 - Create a group including both alarm log devices:

 - Use that group in the "Log device" field of the Alarm category.

Citect should now log all alarms without any issue.
In this example, alarms from cluster 1 will be logged into device "logalm" and alarms from cluster 2 will be logged into device "logalm2"

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