10.11.17    Import GIF

GIFs are converted to Bitmaps in order to raster them with the vectors and true type fonts. The frequent use of Bitmaps in WebAccess Graphics is not recommended if you have a slow network connection to the clients because of the large file sizes.  

It is recommend to use Vector Graphics and True type fonts in frames to reduce the graphic file size.

You cannot edit GIFs or bitmaps in WebAccess DRAW.  DRAW places the bitmap into a BGR file.  You can change their screen size (but not file size), rotate them and some other animations.  You will need PAINT or Adobe Illustrator or other bitmap editor to modify the bitmaps or optimize their file size.  

The bitmaps are merged with the BGR. As long as you do not edit the graphic, you only need to have the BGR.

Warning - The GIF and converted bitmap are not part of the DRW and must reside in the BMP folder on the Project Node. If you loose the GIF and the converted bitmap and then edit the DRW, the bitmap will disappear from the graphic.  

Hint - The bitmap can not be reclaimed directly from the bgr. But if you do a screen print and use some bitmap editor like Paint you can reproduce it.  

Hint - If you loose the original GIF and Bitmap, they may be in the CBMP folder of the Client used to create the original DRW and BGR.

STEP by STEP example

Below is an example of converting an animated GIF of a rotating engine to a set of Frames in WebAccess.

 1. Start DRAW

 2. Upload the GIF to the BMP folder.

2a. Right Click -> File -> Upload Files to BMP Folder.

2b. Select Files of Type: GIF Files (*.GIF)

2c. Browse to your GIF.  

If you are on a client this will copy the GIF to the Project Node so other users can access it also.  It will become part of the Project.

 2d. Select OPEN.

3. Create Bitmaps from the animated GIF.

3a. Right Click ->Draw -> GIF

3b. The "File List" Dialog Box opens.

3c. Select the GIF file.

3d. Select OK

If it is a large GIF, there will be a pause while it is converted to individual bitmaps

Note - WebAccess converts each frame in the GIF to an individual bitmap and opens the Draw Bitmap Dialog Box with the first bitmap selected.

 4. The "Bitmap File List" dialog box should be open, with the first Bitmap selected.

4a Optionally, select Transparent.

4b. Optionally, select a color that will be made transparent.

4c. Select OK.

5. Position the Bitmap on the screen.

6. Click with the mouse to draw the bitmap.


7. Save the BGR and DRW.

The BGR should look like the following.