12.10.20    Play a Wave File  if UNACK Alarm (Global Script)

This script is designed to run as a Global Script with an interval every 5 seconds.



catch {MCISEND {close warn}


MCISEND "open autodest.wav type WaveAudio alias warn wait"

if {[GETVAL %AALMGLOBAL] == 1} then {


  MCISEND {play warn from 1}



The Wave file should be copied to drive:\WebAccess\Node\Projectname_Nodename on the Project Node

The %AALMGLOBAL is one of the few %DAQ tags that can be read by a Global Script.  Most Global scripts require a System Point Tag instead.

WebAccess normally Beeps the System Speaker if there is an UNACKNOWLEDGED Alarm.  Some Sound cards support the system speaker, others do not.  If the sound card does not support the system speaker and you do not want to use the Text-to-Speech Alarm annunciator, playing a wave file using this script as a global script is another alternative.