Description:   Changes the display to the Overview Display for the group number


Tcl:             GOTODAQ  OVERVIEW=group_number  

JScript:        GOTODAQ("OVERVIEW=group_number");

VB Script:     GOTODAQ "OVERVIEW=group_number"


Argument:     "OVERVIEW=group_number" is not case sensitive.

See Also:       Overview Display, Faceplate Groups, GOTODAQ, GOTODAQ FPLGROUP, GOTO, GOTOTAG, GOTO@TAG


Tcl example:     GOTODAQ OVERVIEW=1

Changes the display in the current display window to the Overview Display for the overview group number.  The Overview Display is a Template Display of Tags and there alarm state. Every 4 Faceplate Groups is an Overview Group. Faceplate Groups are configured in the Project Manager. Overview Groups are generated automatically from Faceplate Groups. Overview Displays are most commonly used quickly view large numbers of tags in text-based displays and to manage Faceplate Groups.