Description:   Changes display to Data Log Trend Display in an XY Plot format. 


Tcl:             GOTODAQ  DLOGXYP=group_number  

JScript:        GOTODAQ("DLOGXYP=group_number");

VB Script:     GOTODAQ "DLOGXYP=group_number"


Argument:      "DLOGXYP=group_number" is not case sensitive.

See Also:        Data Log Trend Display, GOTODAQ, GOTODAQ DLOGTRD,


Tcl example:    GOTODAQ DLOGXYP=1

Changes the display in the current display window to a DATA LOG TREND in an XY PLOT format Display for the group number specified. DATA LOG trends are HISTORICAL Trends.  Up to 12 Tags can be added or removed without loosing historical data for other tags.  DATA LOGGING is enabled for each tag in the Project Manager.  A DATA LOG TREND Group is a collection of tags configured in the Project Manager.  If the specified Trend Group does not exist, the command will be ignored.