Description:   Sets the various filters for Alarm Summary Display in a single command line format. This command can be used inside or outside of Alarm Summary Display. These commands will set filters that are equivalent to those in the Alarm Summary Disable Options dialog box.


Tcl:              ALMFILTER lock^normal^p^bfffffffffffffffffffffffe


VB Script:     ALMFILTER “lock^normal^p^bfffffffffffffffffffffffe”


JScript :       ALMFILTER(“lock^normal^p^bfffffffffffffffffffffffe”);



Arguments:    lock^normal^p^bfffffffffffffffffffffffee

Returns:        none

See Also:       7.5.1 Alarm Filter, GOTO Alarm Summary

Examples:       Display all alarms (no filtering)

                    Hide all Return To Normal Alarms



Hide all Locked Alarms



Hide all Unlocked Alarms and Return to Normal Alarms



These options can be seen at in the Caption Bar (if it is enabled) of the Alarm Summary Display.

Figure - Alarm Filter options shown in caption bar - Hide Locked Alarms and Hide Priority 1 and 2 Alarms

It is similar to the GOTO Alarm Summary options..

 specified.  Use @ if tag contains name of tag(s).   Multiple tags can be acknowledged if they are listed in an array text-type tag or variable.



#tcl - ack tag ZT-184

ALMACKS "ZT-184 0 0"


#tcl example 2 - ack tag ZT-187

SETVAL text50=ZT-187

ALMACKS "@text50 0 0"


#tcl example 3 - ack first tag in alarm summary


#example 4 - ack first 8 alarms on alarm summary page



// JScript - almacksZT184.js

ALMACKS("ZT-184 0 0");  // Must use dummy start and end numbers even if only one tag is specified.


Rem - VB Script - almacksZT184

ALMACKS "ZT-184 0 0"


Rem - VB Script - Alternative method

Dim tagname1

tagname1 = "ZT-184"

BWSPOOL "tagname1 =" & tagname1

ALMACKS tagname1 & " 0 0"