Description:   Sends Point Tilt Zoom command (PTZ) to Video Cameras


Tcl:              SENDPTZ window=videotype#ip=address&options

JScript:         SENDPTZ("window=videotype#ip=address&options");

VB Script:      SENDPTZ "window=videotype#ip=address&options"

Argument:     Window is the user defined name given the Video Display Window. Video type is named after the WebAccess camera Driver. Address is an IP address, URL or network name. Options include paths to CGI scripts, port numbers, trim, and flag. Many options are camera dependent and are strings required by the specific manufacturer and model.

&cgi= used to specify a cgi script or path

&flag= used <SENDVDO>daq command to set toolbar, status bar, Title bar and ViewDAQ options.
will remove the Title bar, Menu Bar, Toolbar, status bar and display only the Graphic Display.

#ip= specifies the IP Address, URL, HOST Name or other valid network address to the camera. #ip= uses the IP address. #ip=sprout.warwick.ac.edu uses a url.

&port= is used to specify a TCP or UDP port to the camera. &port=8080 will use port 8080.



17.2.3 Draw Video in User Graphic Display



                  The canon video camera handles preset functions. The following can be used to switch the Canon camera to its preset positions. (Tcl or VB Script):


SENDPTZ "v1=canonvc#ip=ip_address&port=port_num&cgi=-wvhttp-01-/OperateCameraPreset&cmd=value=preset_num"


Send commands to View in Graph

SENDPTZ can send commands to View in Graph. SENDCMD can be used to send macro commands to View/ViewDAQ but not View in Graph. In order to let users to send macro commands to View in Graph, we implemented an enhancement for SENDPTZ. The syntax is:

Macro: <SENDPTZ>name=daq#macro

Tcl Script: SENDPTZ name=daq#macro

VB Script: SENDPTZ "name=daq#macro"

JAVA Script: SENDPTZ("name=daq#macro");

Where name is the name of Video Display and macro is the macro commands intended for View contained in the Video Display.

To send macro commands to View in View/ViewDAQ which is usually invoked using “<GOTO>URL=daq: … ”, please use the same SENDPTZ syntax without name. That is:

 Macro: <SENDPTZ>=daq#macro

Tcl Script: SENDPTZ =daq#macro

VB Script: SENDPTZ "=daq#macro"

JAVA Script: SENDPTZ("=daq#macro");

View in Graph is where a window is created inside a bgr using “Draw Video”. Then use a uti:daq command  to call a graphic display rather than a video camera. See 4.5-2005.07.05 notes for more information about view in graph.

Please note that neither View in Graph nor the enhancement for SENDPTZ is officially supported.