14.4.2 User Program Configuration


The SCADA node can call a custom User Program or any third party program including *.exe and *.bat files. These 3rd party programs are called when the SCADA Node starts.


You can use Scripts to schedule User Programs based on calendar or time-of-day or events using the WINEXEC Action Command.

User Program Configuration

Figure 14.4.2 - User Program Configuration


1.      Connect to WebAccess Project Node.

2.      Start Configuration.

3.  Login to Project Manager

4.  Select the SCADA node.

4.  Select User Program hyperlink in Project Manager Node Properties.

5.  The User Program configuration page appears ( Figure 14.4.2 above).

6.      Enter the full path and program name.

Note - if you copy your User Program to C:\WebAccess\Node\config\Projectname_Nodename , you do not need to enter the full path here.

7.      Click Enable if you want the program to run when the SCADA node starts.

User Program Display

The User Program can be started or stopped from the User Program System Display.  Scripts and Pushbuttons can run or stop the User Program using the %DUSRST and %TUSRPN.