19.                 Database Utilities


There are several Database Import and Export Utilities in Web Access:

EXCEL OUT - exports a Tag Database to an EXCEL workbook (Spreadsheet) in EXCEL 97 format.  It creates worksheets with the correctly labeled fields and data types. It is most commonly used to export a database for editing. Only Tags are exported (no graphics, scripts, macros, recipes, schedules are exported).

EXCEL IN - imports a Tag Database from an EXCEL workbook (Spreadsheet) from EXCEL 97 or 2000 formats.  The worksheet names and fields must be in the same format as the EXCEL OUT creates. It is suggested to create a project in WebAccess with tags of the various Devices, and Types to act as a template, then use EXCEL OUT as a starting Point for creating a spreadsheet for use with EXCEL IN. Only Tags are imported (no graphics, scripts, macros, recipes, schedules are exported).

Import SCADA Node - imports a SCADA node from another Project. (All Tags, Blocks, Graphics, Scripts, Keymacro Files, Recipes, Schedules, etc.) Everything. Import SCADA Node allows you to both Merge Projects and Split projects up.

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