21.1.6         Configure Schedule Reports

Scheduled reports are configured using a series of “Fill-in-the-Blanks” forms accessed through the Project Manager. Scheduled Reports are configured for a SCADA Node from the Report link in the header on the SCADA Node MAIN page (bwMAIN.asp) (Figure 21.9).

Only Analog type Tags can be included in Scheduled Reports.

Only Analog Tags that have a Log to ODBC Frequency greater than Zero (0) will show in the pull down menus used to add tags to the reports. You can type or copy-n-paste a tagname into a report field, then change the Log to ODBC frequency of the Tag later.

If the Log to ODBC frequency is zero for a tag in a report when the scheduled report runs, there will be no data for that tag in the report. If the Tag is Digital (Discrete) or Text type, the data for the tag will be blank.

Tags in a report must be “local” to the SCADA node.  If you have tags from another SCADA Node, then a Scheduled Report must be configured on that node, or a custom report using TCL scripts should be used.