22.3.3         Troubleshooting Email of Schedule Reports and Alarms

In order for the Project Node to send Scheduled Report emails outside of your local domain, it must be recognized by a computer that is part of the Internet, a so-called Smart Host. Typically, this would be your company's email SMTP server or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).   The settings on the SMART HOST must allow the Project Node to relay messages.

If for some reason your Scheduled Report emails are not relayed by your "Smart Host", you can still find a copy of them, if you are quick enough, on the Project Node. WebAccess keeps a copy of the last reports emailed.

There are two places to look: 1) drive:\WebAccess\Node      (e.g. C:\WebAccess\Node )


                                         2)  drive:\Inetpub\mailroot     ( e.g.  C:\Inetpub\mailroot )

1) The first place to look bwMAIL.LOG

WebAccess keeps a log also called BWMAIL.LOG.  It is on the SCADA node at drive:\WebAccess\Node\Projectname_Nodename\bwmail.log

Typically it is:


This is a text file that can be opened by notepad.  It only lists errors. If it is empty, then there was no error in sending the email to the Outbound SMTP Server.

2) The second place to look - the SMTP Log of Outbound SMTP server

Look at SCADA Node Properties, and find the address of the OUTBOUND SMTP Server. Usually, this is the Project Node.

You will need to go to the Outbound SMTP server and look at the SMTP logs. It is possible that SMTP logging is not enabled. If that is the case, you will need to enable logging on the SMTP server.

The logs, by default are at C:\WINDOWS\system32\Logfiles\SMTPSVC1

To enable logging:

Start -> Control Panel ->Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services

Expand the computer in the left panel to see tree

Right Click on Default SMTP Server

Select Properties

Select General Tab

Check Enable Logging

Verify the Path

Select Properties, then Extended Properties, and make sure most fields are checked for logging especially protocol status

 If you see 550 or 500 or 554 when the SCADA node tries to connect, then the SMTP server is rejecting the SCADA node due to security or it's on a block list.   

If you see the IP address of the SCADA node connecting with all code 250 and DAT or BDAT with code 250, and you see an OUTBOUND connection, then it is successfully receiving email from the SCADA node. If you do not see an OUTBOUND connection to the destination, then the SMTP Server is not authorized to connect.  Maybe the Outbound Security on this SMTP server uses the wrong SMART HOST, User name or password.



3) The third place to look (for Reports)

On the Project Node the most recent  copy of each report emailed is at drive:\WebAccess\Node    

There are several *.htm files here.  Some of these are the Video cameras, but the Scheduled reports are htm files also. The Scheduled reports are named with the htm extension as follows:  

SR1_N1_R1_S1.htm            Node 1   Report 1 shift 1

SR1_N1_R1_S2.htm            Node 1   Report 1 shift 2

SR1_N1_R1_S3.htm            Node 1   Report 1 shift 1

SR1_N1_R1_D.htm              Node 1   Report 1 Daily report

SR1_N1_R1_M.htm              Node 1   Report 1 Monthly report

SR1_N1_R2_S1.htm            Node 1   Report 2 shift 1

SR1_N1_R2_S2.htm            Node 1   Report 2 shift 2


The numbering is based on the order the reports were created.

WebAccess will overwrite these reports files each time it is generated.  For example, the monthly report file is for last month.


4) The fourth place to look

If you are not quick enough and depending on the SMTP settings, Microsoft also keeps a copy of these scheduled reports emails also.  If you can't find them in the WebAccess directory, try looking in all the subdirectories of


The scheduled report emails first go to


They wait in the Queue for a period determined by your SMTP mail server settings. Then go to


Bad mail gets deleted also, depending on the settings. I

These files can be opened with Outlook or Outlook Express. (Right Click o