3.2.12         Alarm Email To

Specifies the global "TO" field for all alarms with Email notification of Alarms enabled. Note that an "Email To" can also be applied to individual tags.  The Email To from the SCADA Node (this field) and the Tag's Email To are merged.

If a Text Tag is used with the @ symbol (for example @texttag), the contents of the text tag is read and used for the From Field.

The Scheduler can be used to update a Text Tag to specify different recipients based on Time of Day, Day of Week, Holiday or any scheduled date.

Many mail servers require a valid Email From in the header in order to pass the email on to recipients.

Examples:      dave@yourcompany.com
billmc@corporate.com; ted@corporate.com

The field size is limited to 64 characters.

This field may be left blank. Each Tag has a similar email to field.

Email of Alarms subject includes Tag Name, Tag Description, Alarm Type, and Value. For example: ResLvl1 Reservoir 1 Level High Alarm (4.3)