7.14  Email Notification of Alarms

Email notification of Alarms is a standard feature in WebAccess. No third party software is required. Tags can be individually selected to generate an email, assigned recipient email address or use global email recipients. Alarms can be acknowledged via a reply email.

WebAccess uses an SMTP Server to send Emails. The default is to use and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) installed as part of IIS on the Project Node. During node software installation, a SMART HOST is specified that allows the SMTP server on the Project Node to forward emails outside its domain.

The SMTP Server name is specified as the Outgoing Email Server part of SCADA Node Properties.

The Subject of the email includes Tag Name, Tag Description, Alarm Type, and Value.
For example: ResLvl1 Reservoir 1 Level High Alarm (4.3)

Pager, SMS and Wireless PCS Alarm messaging 

Pagers, wireless PCS and Cell Phones that can receive text messages can also be used for notification of Alarms and events. No third party software is required. Tags can be individually selected to generate an email message to a specific recipient address or use global recipients. The pager or wireless PCS must be able receive emails (a standard feature with Skytel and most Pager services). For example, to send an SMS message to a Verizon wireless cellphone, the email address is of the form: phonenumaber@vtext.com.

Schedule Alarm Email recipients by Shift, Day of Week, and Holidays

The scheduler can schedule different email recipients based on Time of day, shift, Day of Week, and Holiday schedules.

Reply Email to Acknowledge Alarms

The Alarm Notification Email can contain a message to enable a reply email to acknowledge the alarms.

An Incoming Email Server (POP3 server), account name and password must be configured for the SCADA Node Properties  to retrieve the incoming emails. Reply Alarm Email to Ack must also be enabled on the SCADA Node.



The default Alarm email is of the following form:


From: demo@broadwin.com

Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 6:05 PM

To: Tom Carter

Subject: CR191_Door - Computer Rm191 Door Opn - Discrete Alarm (JAMMED)

Discrete Alarm (JAMMED)

Computer Rm191 Door Opn






For an Analog Tag


From: demo@broadwin.com  

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 11:03 AM

To: Tom Carter

Subject: AC3_LABZAT1 - Server Room Temperature - High-High Alarm (75.0)

"High-High Alarm (75.0)"Server Room Temperature+ACU-ack+AF8-begin+AF8-LiveDemo+AF8-SCADAnode1+AF8-






The Alarm Acknowledgement is of the following form