3.2.24         Start Up Option

The Start Up Option will start the Kernel (or the Kernel and ViewDAQ) when the computer reboots.   This is equivalent to the use of a BATCH file in the Startup Folder.   The choices are:

·         None  - user must start WebAccess Kernel manually (or use BATCH file)

·         Kernel - the Kernel starts when computer reboots

·         Kernel with View - the Kernel and ViewDAQ starts when computer restarts

If multiple projects are downloaded to the same SCADA node, the last project downloaded will supercede (i.e. overwrite) the startup option of the others.

Start-up options are only when the SCADA Node reboots or restarts (not when the kernel starts).

Related topics:

To prevent users from stopping the SCADA node kernel locally, use a DAQ Option to require an EXIT PASSWORD (Exit Password Level).

The Task Scheduler in windows can be used to restart the SCADA Node and the desired project using the bwctrkrl command (see Schedule SCADA node to Start every 5 minutes).