COMPORT STATUS.  Describes the ENABLE /DISABLE status of indexed comport.   DISABLE means no communications to devices over this communications port.  A user must DISABLE the comport.  This can be done from the STATION STATUS Display or %DCOMST.  RED FLASHING Enable means that there was a communications failure on the comport; the SCADA node will retry to establish communications if ENABLED.   BLUE ENABLE means communications enabled and no critical error.  An asterisk (*) means comport not configured.

Syntax:         %DCOMST(comport)

Security:       127

Arguments:    comport number

Example:       %DCOMST(1)

Return Value: DISABLE or ENABLE or *

State0:         DISABLED

State1:         ENABLED - Communications

Alarm:           Communications Failure


Example of pushbutton keymacro to enable / disable Comport 1: <SETVAL>%DCOMST(1)=%REVERSE


See also 9.3.8 Station Status (Communication Status), %TCOMST, %ACOMST,  PortSTS, DevSTS, %DUNITST, %DKRLMODE and 8.4.2 VIEW TAG Security Level, 23.7 USERDEF.INI.