4.9.5   System Point Tags

System Point tags provide diagnostics and provide useful information for Alarms, Reports, Logs and global scripts. For example, there are system tags for Communication Port Status, Device Status, Simulation Mode, License Serial Number, and Tag Limit.  

The System Point tags must be configured by the user and are based on a subset of the %DAQ tags although there are System Point Tags that do no have a corresponding %DAQ tag. System Points Tags alarm, show in the Alarm Summary, can be used in trends, global scripts, calculation tags, logs and reports.

Note - The %DAQ tags are created automatically and are similar to System Point Tags, however %DAQ tags can not be used in Calculation Tags and %DAQ tags do not appear in the Alarm Summary, trends, or reports. Only Local Screen Scripts, Graphic Displays and Pushbutton Keymacros can use %DAQ tags. Use System Point Tags for reports, alarms and calculation tags.

To configure a System Point:

1.  Select SysPoint hyperlink from SCADA Node Properties Page.

2.  From the Pull Down list on Create Tag, select a Parameter associated with the function you want to monitor.

Add Device Status System Point Tag

Hint - Parameter names for System Points are an abbreviation of the function. Pick a parameter, then read the Description which describes it's function better than the abbreviated parameter name.

3.  Select Alarm if you want the tag to generate an Alarm.

4.  Enter a Tag Name.

5.  Optionally modify the Description.

6.  Enter Comport Number, Unit Number, and or SCADA Node name for some tags (e.g. DEVCTag, DEVDTag, PortCTag, PortDtag, NodeSTS, PortSTS and DEVSTS).

7.  Modify Log Data, Log DeadBand, Action Log, Previous Value, Security Area and Level, State Descriptors, Log to ODBC and Analog Alarm Limits and Discrete Alarms as per any IO tag.

8.  Press Submit.

9.  Download the SCADA node to make changes take affect.