5.6.3   Scripts in a Block Detail Display

The Parameters can be used in Screen Scripts assigned to Block Detail Display. The script will operate on the full Tag when the Block Detail is called up.

For example, with an PID1 Block with Parameter MEAS  has a Fan. The fan is attached to a screen tag name FANrotate.  If the measurement is greater than zero, the fan should rotate.  I use the screen script as follows:


catch {

if {[GETVAL MEAS] >= 0} then {




For any block that uses the MEAS parameter, the fan will rotate. 


Please see Chapter 12 Z, Scripts, for detailed description of Scripts in WebAccess.

The for a Step-by-Step Guide of creating the most common screen script to Rotate a Fan or Pump based on the On/Off state of a Digital Tag (you would use a digital parameter instead of a Tag for a Block Detail) see
section 10.9.1Rotate a Widget with a Script