8.2.1   Administrator  

·         Can use Project Manager (the Database Configuration Tool).

·         Can use Web DRAW to build and edit graphics.

·         Can View all Displays in system through Web Browser (including Action Log, Alarm Log, User Programs and Station Status Displays)

·         Access all tags using the Point List Dialog box.

Note - There is only one Administrator account in a project.  The default name is Admin.

The admin account is a special account that can not be erased or renamed.  The admin account can access all SCADA Nodes and the Project Manager. The admin account is modified at Admin / Project User on the Project Manager Home Page or in Users under Project Properties. Changes made at either level will be reflected globally.

A user with all the security features of Admin can be created by creating two accounts with the same name, a Project User and a Power User (with security Level 127 for all Areas, Local Tag, View Tag, etc.).

Only admin can modify the admin account password.