IIS (Internet Information Services) - the "Web Server"

It is recommended to install all the latest service packs and security Hot fixes on your Web Server (i.e. Project Node).  This is most easily done using the in Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0, which will connect you directly to the Microsoft.com site. 

To install latest Service Packs and Security to your Web Server

1.        Start Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0

1a.   In IE 7.0, you may need to press the Alt key to see the menu bar at the top.

2.        Select Tools -> Windows Update

This will connect to the Microsoft.com web site.


To view Web Site Security settings

1.       Start -> Settings -> Control Panel  -> Administrative Services -> Internet Service Manager

2.       Right Click on Default Web Site

3.       Click Properties

4.       Select the Directory Security Tab

Next to Anonymous Access and Authentication control, pick the Edit button.

For more information about determining if IIS is installed on your computer or How to install IIS (Internet Information Server), please see the Troubleshooting Section of this Manual:

Is IIS installed on your computer?

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