9.3.4   Real time Trend Display

The Real-time Trend Displays shows Real-Time Trend Data.  Every Second a new data point is entered in the Trend Window.  Tag Values are plotted Vertically on the Y-axis.  Time is plotted horizontally on the X-axis. This is similar to Strip Chart Trend Recorders in control rooms, commonly associated with Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Real Time trends are Real-Time Only and do not store data on the Hard Drive.  They are intended for short term trends used for tuning or in HMI applications where disk space is limited.

They can be edited following the same procedures as Modify the Data Log Trend Display.  The default names are realtrd.dxx, realtrd.bxx, realxyp.dxx, and realxyp.bxx.

Realtime Trends are described in detail in section 6.3Real-time Trend Displays.