Main Driver Sheet

The development application automatically inserts the MAIN DRIVER SHEET into the driver folder as soon as you add the driver to your project.

Note: The MAIN DRIVER SHEET is not available for all drivers.

To configure the MAIN DRIVER SHEET, right-click on the icon, and select Open from the pop-up or just double-click on the icon.

The MAIN DRIVER SHEET dialog displays (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Sample MAIN DRIVER SHEET

The MAIN DRIVER SHEET worksheet is divided into two areas:
Use the Header area parameters as follows:
Use the Body area parameters as follows:
Tip: By default, the project will scan the communication worksheet every 600 milliseconds, which is the rate at which the system tag BlinkSlow toggles. To adjust the rate, manually edit the project file (i.e., projectname.APP) to add the following entry:

tagname can be either another system tag (e.g., BlinkFast, Second, Minute) or a tag that you have created. Whenever the value of the tag changes, the worksheet will be scanned and the tags will be read.