Using ORACLE Databases

IWS Database Interface allows you to retrieve and store information on ORACLE relational databases. You should follow the steps below in order to configure the ORACLE database:
  1. Click on the Browse button in the Database Configuration Dialog window. The following window will display:
    Figure 1. Data Link Properties, Provider - Oracle

  2. Select the Microsoft OLE Provider for Oracle and click Next. The following window will display:
    Figure 2. Data Link Properties, Connection - Oracle

  3. Fill out the fields on this window with your database information. Remember to check the Allow saving password checkbox to save the password when the Data Link Properties window is closed. The server name information has the following format:
    • Server: Computer where the Oracle Database is running
    • TNS: Oracle TNS name
    At the time that this document was written, the Server Name field could not be configured with more than 16 letters. If more than 16 letters were specified, you would receive the following error: ORA-00162: external dbid length 19 is greater than maximum (16), where 19 is the number of letters in the Server Name. Please see Database Troubleshooting for more hints to work around this problem.
  4. Click OK to finish the Connection String configuration.
Note: These procedures were tested using ORACLE 10g Release 1.