Using MySQL

IWS can interface with MySQL databases, but to do so, you must install an ADO.Net provider for MySQL.

The provider required by IWS is MySQL Connector/Net, and at the time of this writing, the necessary software can be downloaded from the official MySQL site. (Please note that the linked site is beyond our control and may change without notice.)

Once the provider is installed, you can use the Database Configuration property sheet to configure a MySQL database connection. However, unlike for other database types, you cannot use the Data Link Properties dialog (which is accessed by clicking ... to the right of the Connection string box) to form the connection string. Instead, you must directly enter the connection string using this basic format:
Provider=MYSQLCLIENT; Server=myServerAddress; Database=myDataBase; Uid=myUsername; Pwd=myPassword;
The following optional parameters can be appended to the connection string:
Table 1. Optional parameters for the MySQL Connector/Net connection string
Parameter Description
Port=number; Specifies what port to use for the connection. The default port is 3306, but any port can be specified as long as it matches the server configuration.

If a port of -1 is specified, then the connection will use the named pipes network protocol (see Protocol below).

Server=myServerAddress1 & myServerAddress2 & b