The Library is a visual browser for all of the Symbols that are available to be inserted in a project screen. To open the Library window, do one of the following:
Figure 1. Symbols Library window

The Library is divided into two main directories: the Project Symbols directory contains the same user-made Symbols that are saved in the Symbols folder of the current project; and the System Symbols folder contains all of the premade Symbols that are installed with IWS, sorted by category (e.g., Buttons, Meters, Tanks).

To select a Symbol and place it in a project screen:
  1. Find the Symbol you want in the Library and then double-click it. The Library window will automatically close and the mouse cursor will change to indicate that you have a Symbol waiting to be placed.
  2. Return to the project screen where you want to place the Symbol.
  3. Click anywhere in the project screen to place the selected Symbol.
  4. Edit the Symbol's Object Properties as needed, including any Custom Properties.

For more information, please see Inserting a Symbol in a Screen.

Making a User-Made Symbol Available to Other Projects

User-made Symbols are normally available only in the project where they were initially created and saved — that is, the Project Symbols directory of the Library is specific to each project. However, you can send a user-made Symbol to the System Symbols directory, to make it available to all projects:
  1. Right-click on the Symbol file ( .sym ) in the Symbols folder and choose Send to System Symbols from the shortcut menu. A standard Save As dialog is displayed, pointing to the \Symbol directory of IWS (instead of the \Symbols directory of the current project).
    Figure 2. Saving a Symbol

  2. Choose a location to save the Symbol file. You can choose one of the existing categories/directories, or you can create a new one.
  3. Click Save. The Symbol file is saved chosen location and the Symbol is displayed in System Symbols directory of the Library.
    Figure 3. Saving a Symbol