Installing a New Softkey License

Note: These instructions only apply to installing a softkey license for InduSoft Web Studio. To install a license for CEView, see Installing or Upgrading a CEView License (Locally) or Installing or Upgrading a CEView License (Remotely).

Also, you must have Administrator privileges on the computer on which you are installing or modifying a softkey license.

To install a new softkey license for InduSoft Web Studio:
  1. Install InduSoft Web Studio according to the instructions provided earlier in this chapter.
  2. Launch the Protection Manager by choosing Start > All Programs > InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 > Register.
  3. Select Softkey in the Protection Type group, and then click Check.
    Figure 1. Protection Manager: Softkey

    Note: If you already have a hardkey license installed on your computer, then you will be asked to confirm the change of protection type.

    The Softkey Settings dialog displays:

    • If you already have a valid InduSoft Web Studio softkey license installed, then the current license settings display.
    • If you have not previously installed a license on your computer, then the Status text box displays a "License not found" message.
      Figure 2. Checking the Softkey Settings

  4. Click the Change License button on the Softkey Settings dialog.
  5. When the Change License – Softkey dialog displays, copy the code information from the Site Code text box and send it to your software vendor.
    Figure 3. Change License: Softkey

    Your software vendor will send back a Site Key that matches this Site Code. Type the Site Key into the Site Key field of the Change License – Softkey dialog and then click the Authorize button.

    You will be prompted to confirm the operation. If the program accepts (validates) your Site Key, the following message displays:

    Figure 4. Successful Site Key Installation

    Note: If your new Site Key is not valid, an error message displays. If this happens, double-check that you entered the site key correctly. If you entered the key correctly and still receive an error message, contact your software vendor for assistance.
  6. Close the Protection Manager and run IWS.