6.13.1                     Disable Goto

This will disable the GOTO functions to GOTO another graphic display, trend, alarms summary, display list, et al including:

·         Disable the Menu bar GOTO

·         Disable the Toolbar Pushbuttons

·         Disable the Function Keys on the keyboard (F1, F2, Shift+F1, Ctrl + F5, etc.).

To disable the Toolbars, Menu Bar GOTO, and Function Keys:

1.      Login as a user with ViewDAQ Security level of 127.

2.      From the Right Click Menu select ViewDAQ Options -> Disable Goto (Figure 6.53).

a.      OR from Menu Bar in ViewDAQ, select
 View -> ViewDAQ Options -> Disable Goto.

3.      To create a new ViewDAQ Group with this Style see Save a new Display Group

4.      Otherwise, to save to an existing ViewDAQ Group:

a.      Select File -> Save ViewDAQs in Display Group

b.      From Dialog Box, select name of the ViewDAQ to save this change.

These changes apply only to the saved Display Group.  You must repeat this procedure for any other display groups you want this change to apply.