To assign a user or group to a role

Before starting: You must first create your users and/or groups as Windows accounts. Users and groups can be created for either the local server or a domain. Windows accounts must be created on the server machine; they cannot be created remotely. For more information, refer to your MS Windows security documentation.

  1. Start the Proficy Portal Administration application.

  2. Click the Roles & Users button.

  3. In the tree, expand the Roles folder to display the existing roles.

  4. If required, create new roles. How?

  5. Select either the Users or Groups option, depending on whether you are adding users or groups to the role.

  6. In the Domain list, select Server Local if your Windows accounts have been created on the local server, or select the domain your Windows accounts belong to.

  7. Click the Refresh button. The list of users or groups are displayed.

  8. Select the user or group you want to add to the role and drag it onto the role.

An individual user is added to the role immediately. If you are adding a group, the Create Users dialog box appears.

  1. In the Members Of list, select the individual users you want to assign to the role and then click Add to move the selected names to the Add to Role list, or click Add All to add all the users within the group.

  2. Click OK. The Roles and Users dialog box appears while your users are being added. The users have been added when the dialog box disappears and the users appear in the Users list. You can click the Cancel button on the Roles and Users dialog box to stop the add process if necessary.

TIP: You can also right-click the Users folder and choose Create User to add Windows users. You can then drag those users to the appropriate role. You cannot add groups to the Users folder.

Individual users and the selected users in a group are also added to the Users folder. You can also drag an individual user onto the Users folder, but a group can only be dragged onto a role.

NOTE: All users, whether individual or within a group, and whether logged into Proficy Portal or not, are displayed in the Users folder.

  1. When you have completed adding users, you must restart Proficy Portal to allow the users to log in.

To remove a user from a role

  1. In the tree, expand the Roles folder and locate the user you want to remove from the role.

  2. Right-click the user and select Remove. The user is removed from the role, but still exists in the Users folder.

  3. Click the Apply button for your changes to take effect.

To delete a user from Proficy Portal security

  1. In the tree, expand the Users folder and locate the user you want to delete from Proficy Portal security.

  2. Right-click the user and select Delete. The user is deleted from the Users list, but still exists as a Windows user. If the user is a member of a role, it will also be deleted from the role.

  3. Click the Apply button for your changes to take effect.

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