Creating a Web Link

You can use the web links feature to create links to web sites that will appear in the system menu along with other displays. The links can be used to access other Proficy Portal displays or any other web-enabled system. These links are especially useful when accessing systems from remote locations.

Web links can be created in either the run-time or configuration environment. During run-time or in configuration mode, when a user clicks the web link, the associated web page or display is opened in the Display window.

NOTE: When you access a web link from the Displays system tree, the web page opens in the display window. If the web link's target web page has hyperlinks that use a "target=_top" function, then clicking on a link in the web page will completely remove the Proficy Portal environment (i.e. you will not see the toolbar, menus, or system tree). The "target=_top" function removes any existing frameset, and there is currently no way to resolve this issue (as it is a browser limitation). To work around this problem, use the Back button on your browser's toolbar to return to the Proficy Portal environment.

  1. In the system tree, right-click the folder you want to create the web link in and select Create Weblink.

- or -

Drag an Internet Explorer shortcut onto the folder you want the weblink placed in. For more information on how to do this, see Using Internet Explorer Shortcuts in Proficy Portal.

The Web Link Information dialog box appears.

  1. Enter the name for the web link in the Caption box. You cannot use spaces in the name.

  2. In the URL to the web page box, enter the web address for the weblink. If the weblink was created by dropping an Internet Explorer shortcut, the URL will already exist.

- or -

Click Select Report and choose a PDF report to be loaded in the display. For more information on PDF reports, see Generating PDF Reports.

NOTE: Only reports generated to the web server will be available.

  1. If you want to assign a custom icon that will be shown in the system tree beside the web link name, select the Enable Custom Icon Configuration check box.

    1. Click the Browse button. You can browse only the AllUsers\images folder and sub-folders.

    2. On the Select Image dialog box, locate and select the icon you want to assign.

    3. Click the Select button on the Select Image dialog box.

  2. Click OK on the Web Link Information dialog box.

The web link appears in the folder you selected.

TIP: To assign a custom icon at a later time, or to change an icon that has been assigned to a web link, in the System tree, right-click the web link and choose Properties from the context menu. If Proficy Portal security is being used, you will not be able to access the Properties dialog box unless the Manage Folders permission is assigned to you.

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