Using Internet Explorer Shortcuts in Proficy Portal

Internet Explorer shortcuts are pointers to web locations. They can be a web address shortcut file (with the extension .url), an address icon from the Address box, or an item from the Favorites menu.

You can use Internet Explorer shortcuts in a number of ways in Proficy Portal. You can drag and drop shortcuts to create Weblinks, Hyperlinks, Web Controls, and WebSources.

Select and drag Internet Explorer shortcuts from:

When you drag and drop a shortcut on a folder on the Displays tab, you are prompted to create a Weblink. For more information, see Creating a Web Link.

When you drag and drop a shortcut onto a display, you are prompted to create either a Hyperlink or a Web Control. If, however, the shortcut's web address contains a query, you will be prompted to save the shortcut as a WebSource (after choosing a Hyperlink or Web Control object). For example, a web site that provides a weather forecast for a local area based on the zip code entered, would have a web address that contains a query, and might look something like the following:

When you save this kind of shortcut as a WebSource, all the query parameters in the web address are also saved. For more information on WebSources, see WebSources.

NOTE: If you (or the role you belong to) has not been given the appropriate permission, you will not be prompted to create a WebSource when a parameterized URL is dragged and dropped.