Using Proficy Portal Environments

The Proficy Portal Client application provides two environments: a configuration environment and a run-time environment. The configuration environment provides all necessary development tools, including access to toolbars and the files in the system tree.

The run-time environment, on the other hand, is designed to view previously created analysis displays. In this environment, you can examine and analyze the data that appears in your displays.

When Proficy Portal starts, it always begins in the run-time environment. If you need to create new analysis displays, click the Configure Display button on the system bar to switch environments. Typically, when security is enabled, only authorized users have access to the configuration environment. If security is enabled in your installation of Proficy Portal, the Configure Display button may be disabled when you log in. If it is, you are not authorized to create analysis displays.

Security can also restrict access to specific aspects of the run-time environment. For example, you may not be able to save run-time changes or pen groups. For a list of privileges, refer to the Administration Application chapter Securing Proficy Portal.

If you are authorized to access the configuration environment, you can toggle between the two environments to test and run analysis displays. Each environment has its own controls. For example, when you switch to the configuration environment, the Toolbox appears and the toolbar in the run-time environment disappears. When you switch back, the toolbar reappears and the Toolbox disappears.   

You can have only one analysis display open at a time in either environment. When you switch environments, the current display remains open. If you switch displays without saving changes, Proficy Portal prompts you to save your changes before switching.

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