Developing a Display

With Proficy Portal, you can build web-based analysis displays quickly and easily. Proficy Portal provides two environments: a configuration environment and a run-time environment. The configuration environment allows you to create and modify displays; the run-time environment allows you to view and analyze data. Both environments are accessible with a web browser. Before starting, we recommend that you refer to the Design Considerations section for design strategies and guidelines.

NOTE: If security is enabled, access to the configuration environment may be restricted. In this case, your system administrator can provide you with the proper security rights to access the configuration environment.

After you log in and access the configuration environment, you can begin creating displays by adding the objects you require to a blank display and saving it. This approach provides you with the freedom and flexibility to provide and arrange the data according to your company's standards. See Creating a New Display for more information.

If you prefer to start from a working sample screen, you can modify one of the displays provided by the Proficy Portal sample system. To learn more about the sample system, refer to the section Using the Sample System.

WARNING: If you modify or use a different overview display (and you do not change the name `Overview'), during a reinstallation of Proficy Portal this file will be overwritten by the original Overview display file that is shipped with Proficy Portal.